When it comes to keeping your pet happy and healthy, routine wellness care provides the perfect foundation. These annual or semi-annual visits allow our doctors to father a complete health profile for your pet and use that information to monitor any changes that may occur along the way.

Early detection of disease can significantly improve the quality of life for your pet and can reduce the costs of veterinary care for you over time.

During each wellness visit our friendly, knowledgeable veterinarians perform a complete physical exam which includes a thorough assessment of all body systems in a stress free environment.

We provide your pet with core vaccinations needed to maintain good health, as well as tailor additional vaccinations to the lifestyle of your pet. We will also discuss your pets nutritional needs, behavioral concerns, parasites control and any bloodwork due. Estimates for cost are always given upon request.

At Montville Animal Hospital we take pride in our comprehensive wellness and preventative medicine programs, which have been specifically designed to meet the unique care needs of each life stage, from puppies and kittens to adulthood and for pets who have reached their senior years. And don’t forget wellness care for exotic pets!

We want your pet to enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life and it starts with quality wellness care!