• Vaccines & Wellness Care
    Physical exams, vaccinations, nutritional needs, behavioral concerns, parasite control, wellness testing and wellness care plans for puppies, kittens & exotics!
  • Sick Visits & Diagnostics
    Sick visits can be for any reason but especially cuts, abrasions or bite wounds; pain or limping, ear or eye infections, changes in behavior or worms, fleas, ticks or mites and more. We believe diagnostics are also a vital tool in learning and treating what illnesses and injuries can’t be detected on the surface.
  • General Surgery
    We have a special interest in soft tissue surgery and offer services such as spaying and neutering, wound repair, oral and dental surgery and much more. We are also available for exotic animal surgery and utilize state of the art monitoring equipment and focus on pain and anxiety management.
  • Dental Cleanings & Oral Surgery
    We examine your pets teeth and gums during every check up appointment and provide extensive dental care in a safe and gentle manner. We perform oral exams, dental cleanings, extractions and dental care products & treats.
  • Exotic Pet Medicine & Surgery
    We are pleased to offer veterinary care for exotic pets! Our services include wellness exams and preventative care, diagnostics and treatment as well as dental and surgical needs.
  • Hospice & End of Life Care
    We are here for you to provide comfort and dignity when you feel the time is right to say goodbye to your beloved companion. To help them maintain their mobility and quality of life, we offer many management options for pets in need of hospice care.
  • Laser Therapy and Pain Management