Montville Animal Hospital is pleased to be offering veterinary care for exotic pets!

Our services include wellness exams and preventative care, diagnostics and treatment as well as dental and surgical needs.

Birds and exotic pets mask symptoms of disease very well. By the time they exhibit signs of illness, some pets are so sick that little can be done to help. Regular checkups are a must for detecting potential problems before it’s too late.

When you get your avian or exotic pet, schedule a wellness exam as soon as possible so we can get to know your new family member. At each checkup, we examine your pet and ask about behavior, nutrition, and daily care. Since many health problems with avian and exotic pets are related to improper housing or inadequate nutrition or environmental conditions, we strive to educate owners about the most beneficial practices and preventive health measures to keep their pets healthy for life.

We see the following species but please call if you do not see your pet listed here!

Herpetiles Including:

• Snakes

• Lizards

• Geckos

• Frogs

• Newts

• Turtles

Small Mammals Including:

• Rabbits

• Ferrets

• Guinea Pigs

• Hamsters

• Gerbils

• Chinchillas

• Sugar Gliders